I have always felt the vision of the more beautiful world inside of me. In my early years this led me to dance ballett, then study cultures, languages and international development cooperation. When I started working in the field of political education I quickly realized that my wish to make the world a better place was connected to my inner world and so my inner journey began by travelling by myself to ecovillages and spiritual communities. In Brazil I discovered the beauty of connection with spirit that was unknown to me and came closer to my emotions, my heart and the messages of my body. This time was also the beginning of my love affair with mindful cooking and eating, yoga and meditation. I was digging through the layers of repressed feelings, belief systems and cultural and societal conditioning.

On my way to the new story of Interbeing I relapsed time and again into my belief that I had to perform and achieve something. I started working at a university and learned how much energy we are wasting if we don’t allow ourselves to be authentic and speak our truth.

Luckily there was always my intuition, my inner guidance that whispered „follow your heart“. So in 2019 I decided to move to Berlin and focus my energy on the transformation of consciousness through the body.

Today I call my work Embodied Transformation because in my experience we can only create the change that we can feel inside ourselves.

I love to explore taking steps out of my comfort zone and challenging others to do so. At the moment my focus is on the connection of inner and outer transformation and sharing my gifts to create the more beautiful world my heart knows is possible.

I love creating trauma sensitive spaces where we call in our highest potential. My work is especially inspired by Itay Ganot, Charles Eisenstein, Joanna Macy und Andreas Weber.

My Journey

Yoga & Meditation

2016 – 2017 Hatha Yoga Teacher Training 300h @ Yogaseva

2018 – 2020 Anusara Yoga Training and Assistance with Tina Lobe und Jana Töpfer

2021 Therapeutic Yoga @ Yogacircle Berlin

continuing training in Body Mind Centering, Contact Improvisation, Gaga

Meditation with Sally Kempton, Tara Brach, Ram Dass

Coaching & Self-Exploration

Heldenreise @ selbstbestimmt

Soul Entrepreneur Training with Britta Kimpel

Out of the Box Coaching with Ruda Iandé

Leadership Hoch 3 Coaching Journey

Embodied Intimacy Resource Training

Hosting cultural change @ Pioneers of Change

Trauma Healing & Embodiment

Embodiment Practices with Ilan Stephani, Philip Shepherd

Constellation work and Somatic Experiencing mit Anouchka Driesch

Sensing the change and Thomas Hübl

shamanic and constellation work with Catarina Skireki

Trauma to Trust – Embodied Intimacy Facilitator Training

regenerative culture and education with Pioneers of Change, ERDE

u lab – leading from the emerging future

Masters of Creation with modern mystic arts