Make friends with yourself

The tibetan buddhist teacher Pema Chödrön said:

„In times like these people who are ready to wake up and make friends with themselves will be of great benefit for our society…because they follow their heart and help others.“

Can you imagine a world in which we felt like our own best friend, remembering that we can celebrate ourselves as we are, without judgement and condemnation and instead see ourselves with the loving gaze of a mother? I can, and I want to invite you to come on a journey with me to dive deep into your loving heart. We will use yoga, meditation, transformative movement and energetic healing to deepen our awareness and find our very unique expression, our YES to life.

My intention for this retreat is to offer space for you to become aware of your true nature, your essence that is inherently whole and good. When we discover this goodness in ourselves, we can relate in a different way to others and the world around us.

In order to remember that, we sometimes need to step out of our daily routines of better, faster, more, and retreat into more natural surroundings, setting intentions to release what doesn’t serve our development and dive into a new field of possibilities in a group container for growth and transformation.


Friday 12.05.22

16:00 arrival, orientation, settling into your space

17:00 opening circle, somatic movement

18:30 home-made dinner

20:00 singing circle, energetic bodywork

Saturday 13.05.22

7:00 silent meditation

8:00 intention setting

8:30 yoga & transformative movement session: presencing

11:00 healthy brunch

12:00 free time, relax, walk in nature, journalling

15.30 yoga & movement session: connecting with myself and the world

18:00 homemade dinner

20:00 singing circle, energetic bodywork

Sunday 14.05.22

7:00 silent meditation

8:00 tea, intentions

8:30 transformative movement and yoga session: celebration

11:00 brunch

12:30 closing ritual

14:00 goodbyes


accommodation and nourishing food different options

for 185 € in a tent/yurt/campervan (Hof Jakob)

for 235 – 260 € in a room

please book directly with house:

for 4 movement sessions, organization and facilitation

170 €

to reserve your spot contact Inga and include your accommodation preference

If the contribution is a challenge for you, contact me and we’ll find a way.

0176 28 32 76 68

pictures of the beautiful space Hof Jakob:

how to get there