Movement has always been a matter of the heart for me. I have loved dancing since childhood, from ballet to contemporary dance and capoeira I discovered my love for yoga 15 years ago .

The first yoga teacher training was the beginning of a journey to more movement and awareness, calm and clarity for me. I discovered Anusara Yoga at a meditation retreat in Portugal and since then I have been continuously inspired and trained by Anusara Yoga teachers. In addition to yoga, I regularly attend and create workshops in the areas of Contact Improvisation, Body Mind Awareness, Somatic Movement and Acro Yoga.

For me, yoga means getting to know yourself better day by day and continually asking yourself: Who am I? And who would I be if I freed myself from other people’s expectations and the conditioning and patterns that I have accumulated over the years?

Yoga helps us to keep reminding ourselves that everything is flowing, in motion, changing and that we can be so much more peaceful with ourselves and others if we release certain thoughts, ideas and expectations and just live what is present right now.

My classes are inspired by the tantric philosophy, the universal alignment principles of Anusara Yoga and Yoga Therapy.

Come practice with me at Green Yoga, Sredzkistrasse 59, Berlin Prenzlauer Berg or join the class online.

Monday 8 – 9 am & 9.15 – 10.15 am

Tuesday 10.30 – 11.30 am

You can find my Transformative Movement workshops here.

More info about my workshops in my group:

“I was very keen to experience the Social Presencing Theater with beautiful Inga, when she offered this workshop including concepts like “Gift Economy”, “Theory U” to break through past patterns, and “The Village”, where fabulous things happened that transformed an ordinary afternoon into an embodiment of our true natures, cheerfully synchronised to each other and surroundings. Thank you!” Ayana