“What is can be, and what can be may change.”

This sentence changed my life and I want to walk with you the path of self-discovery and expression of your true Self.

From all my heart I’m inviting you to become who you are fully and express your aliveness in your very unique way.

In my work we train the awareness of the body, discover the natural harmony of body and mind allowing for a new strength and power to create the life we want.

I love to use my sensitivity to hold space for human potential to come to light. I offer one on one sessions, workshops, open classes and retreats.

deep down, I am a highly sensitive being

• a compassionate human child

• deeply committed to the more beautiful world my heart knows is possible

i am here to remind you that you are love

• you can create the life you are longing for

• it is worth it to share your gifts with the world even though it seems tough sometimes

• you only have this one life and you deserve to live it in ecstasy and aliveness

• we are capable of so much more than we think and were taught to believe

I am ready to hold space for you and everything that shows up because

for 15 years now I have been researching and facilitating spaces connecting yoga, bodywork, meditation, tantric practices and philosophy, nervous system regulation and trauma healing, embodiment, collective leadership, mindful eating and cooking, regenerative culture and deep ecology, the story of interbeing in body, mind and soul

i want to live in a world where we meet each other with an open heart, open mind and open will

• we can show up as our true selves

• we are living from a place of abundance

• we sense again and allow ourselves to show up in the world as sensitive beings

working with me, you will sense

• that the body is a wonderful instrument and there is natural harmony of body, mind and soul

• we don’t need to fight against any part of ourselves but we can learn to live with radical compassion

• how it feels to be safely embodied, in your body, trust her and her messages

• how it feels to love and celebrate your whole self

one piece of advice for myself: believe in magic

in this part of my life it es essential to remind myself again and again, that my gifts are needed and precious and we are here to support each other to grow into our fullest potential and shine


„A person has transformed when their ways of being, acting, and relating are aligned with what they most care about – even under the same old pressures. (…)

Embodied transformation is foundational change that shows in our actions and ways of being, relating, and perceiving. It is transformation that sustains over time.

Staci Haines